X.x One night of pleasure… My last night of pain… x.X

The tip of the blade, dancing up and down across my soft, vulnerable flesh. Barely touching me, sending shivers up my spine. Inching down my face, playing with my lips. Finally, a small cut is made on one side of my stomach. It doesn’t hurt, only a tiny sting. Then once again, I feel the blade between my lips, and I can taste my own blood. It tastes good. Not really caring what happens next, since my only wish is to be dead, he plays on.

This all started when I was out raving with my friends Melody and Shanice. I was getting pretty damn bored and was looking for a little bit of fun. Then I saw him, tall, spiky black hair, dark features, pale skin. He was very attractive, and I was really into him, though I didn’t have the guts to talk to him. A few minutes later, he struck up a conversation with me. I was so shocked, and flirted shamelessly with him for the next 4 hours! Something about him just made me trust him, right about then, I would have trusted him with my life if needed. (To bad I didn’t know that that would soon be the case.) After having a few drinks, I started feeling dizzy and weak, and soon after passed out.

I open my eyes, and I’m laying on a bed, naked, and tied up, with candles everywhere. It was hard to keep my eyes open, and my entire body was numb. FUCK! How could I be so stupid!? Drugging my drink, that was low. Dirty bastard. I had no idea where I was, but I could hear the rave music still in the background so I though “good, at least I’m not in someone’s fucking house or anything.” Once I get my sight fully back, I look around the room. The walls are black, the bed sheets are black, the door is black, everything is fucking black. What a fucking psycho?! I think to myself. Suddenly the door opens, and I see that familiar, not so trusting anymore, face. I try not to notice, but he looked even more beautiful in the dark, dim light of the candles. His eyes shone in the darkness, and a smile started to appear on his gorgeous face. “How are you doing my sweetness?” he asks politely. FUCK, the nerve of this guy! I refuse to answer his obviously inappropriate question. “I have something for you my sweet angel” he says, while pulling out a knife. “OH GOD” I think to myself. “The kinky type… GREAT…” I’ve always been kind of into the pain for pleasure thing, and I’m definitely not new to the concept. Actually, I loved it!! But somehow I just didn’t think that this would end up being a ‘fun’ experience… He then walked over to the bed, and put the knife to my throat. I opened my mouth to try and protest, but my lips were numb and it hurt to move. His smile grew when he saw this, and leaned over so we were nose to nose. “This will be a night you will never forget my sweet beautiful angel.” He kissed my forehead gently, his lips were ice cold.

So this is how I ended up in this situation… I can’t stop thinking about how incredibly stupid I am. ANYWAY, where was I? Oh yeah! The taste of my own blood was sweet in my mouth, and I couldn’t help but to lick every last drop off of the knife. When he saw this, he started to laugh. I didn’t like his laugh. It was taunting and seductive, but made me shiver with fear. He then crawled on top of my naked body and sat up. He made another small cut on my left breast, then licked the blood from the cut. He opened his mouth to show me that it was full of my own blood. He then kisses me, gently at first without force. He tasted so good, and I wanted him so bad, so opened my mouth to join him. I taste my own blood, once again, in my mouth. His tongue was warm, and he really knew how to use it! I was finally getting into it, when he jumped off of me and stood at the foot of the bed. I looked questioningly at him, and pleaded him to return to me with my eyes. When he saw this, he laughed once again. Oh, how I hate his laugh. He then sucked on one of my toes, then ran the knife up my legs slowly. I was so tired and out of it, and so I closed my eyes.

I felt the knife creeping up my right leg. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up with a mix between a shiver and a shudder. Continuing up my inner thigh, closer and closer. Finally I felt the cold blade run along my lips, and it made me gasp, though I tried so hard to hold it back. I bit my lower lip to keep me from edging him on. He made another cut, a bit deeper and longer than the others. I bit my lower lip so hard that it bled, and once again, the taste of blood in my mouth aroused me even more. In the same, slow, torturous fashion, he then went on to make a few more cuts on my legs, some more on my stomach and breasts, and deepest across my left cheek. I could feel the tingle of warm blood, dripping down my whole body. I was no longer completely numb, and I heard the moans that were escaping my lips.

He then laid on top of me, once again, and his clothed body was silk to my battered skin. He looked deeply into my eyes. And said the last thing that I would ever hear on this dank, dark, fucked up earth. “When temptation lures you, and seduction overcomes you, when you have no hope left, and there’s nothing to live for, only one thing can set you free.” What a bunch of crap, I’ thinking, yet the words still echo in my brain to this very day. “The greatest pain one can feel, is wishing to be dead. This feeling, that I can see in your eyes, hear in your voice, and feel when I touch your body. Let me set you free, my beautiful creature of the night.” He then kissed my lips passionately one more time. Then kissed my forehead to gently that I could swear that it was the kiss of an angel. I felt warm and at peace. Everything in my life was FINALLY right. Everything felt to good and true. No more lies. No more pain.

While holding my right hand in his, I felt complete. He then went on to make one last cut. Long and deep across my throat. I could feel the blood spilling out of me but I didn’t care. All I wanted was his sweet breath on my skin. My eyes shut tight, and I let out one last moan. My slumber became silent and finale. My muscles loosened, and breath gave way. This was the peace, that I had searched so longingly for. “Thank you” I thought. “You’ve made my deepest wishes come true. And for this. I give my life to you.” My beautiful stranger.

Now I’m sitting on a cloud. A fucking cloud!! Wow, here I am. Looking down upon the earth. Seeing my family and friends crying. Seeing my lifeless body lay deep in the earth. And seeing my beautiful stranger sitting in a bar. Chatting it up with some blonde. Anger grew inside me. And I cursed his soul with everything I had. I damned him to hell. Where he truly belongs. God smiles at me. And the anger fades. I AM truly happy now. And I look down once again, and give out a small laugh at the now limp blonde in his arms.

(This is my first real story that isn’t poetry, PLEASE COMMENT!! This one took me a while 😛 I’m only 14, so don’t bitch about my spelling plz :S LOL THX 4 READIN THIS PEOPLES! It really means a lot to me 🙂 ) -X.x

By DeathKittenxXx

When life is lost in death... - X.x