-[X.x]- When Angel’s Cry Blood –[x.X]-

Looking down
At this broken world
Felt in the innocence
Of a little girl
Not realizing hope
Not seeing the light
Eyes torn out
Raped of sight
Life wrapped
In a murky essence
Entwined in deceit
Found in its presence
Festering away
Rotting in time
Its darkness sinks deep
So strong and sublime
Blinded by its sight
Deafened by its sound
Speechless in its words
Never to be found
These un-ruling masochists
Inclined to hate
Anarchism follows
With a unholy fate
Washing over
Like a flood
Drenched in fatality
When angel’s cry blood…

By DeathKittenxXx

When life is lost in death... - X.x