[X.x]This knife is my pain… & my pleasure[X.x]

X.x deep inside
Trying to cope with this pain
This cold dark feeling
Taking me again

Images fill my head
Looking back on life
My hearts on fire
Taking out the knife
My love for this thing
That takes the pain away
While starring at this glimmering blade
Cold as steel sharp and gray
As it dances on my flesh
As it lingers on my skin
So much anguish so much fear
Buried deep within
Playing tricks on my mind
Upon my face a frown
Eyes closed ears open
This room pure of sound
Tempting me so seductively
Pain throbbing inside
Nowhere to go
Can’t run can’t hide
Penetrating the surface
Hot on my wrist
A burning sensation fills me
I just couldn’t resist
Deeper and deeper
Pleasure growing
Breathing harder
Faintly knowing
What is this I’m feeling
Dizzy and faint
Is this pain or pleasure
Sent by a devil or saint
Starring at this wound
Watching the blood rise
What have I done
My eyes open wide
Guilt fills my heart
Shame fills my soul
I feel so betrayed
So dead and so cold

By DeathKittenxXx

When life is lost in death... - X.x