y do ppl judge others by the way the dress or the way they do there hair, if your a person that does this do me a favor and ask your self y, huh? y do u treat ppl like me that way does it make you feel better do u think it makes u look cool.

well mayb it does make you look cool or whatever but when ppl like me have been gettin teased for years it does alot of damage. im sick of going to school and being picked on bcuz im fuckin different cuz i wear black clothes cuz i spike my hair so fuckin what. what the hell gives u the right to tease me b cuz of that so mayb u do belive in god,i dont some ppl are different learn to acept that dont ruin my life bcuz u think your cool and u got a lot of friends so what i dont need them any way. do u know how many countless nights i sit in front of this dam computer going into chat rooms talkin to ppl cuz i cant sleep cuz all that shit is still echoing in my fuckin head. when your in a chat room ppl dont know you so theyll talk 2 u.i sit in my room alone cutting my self just to see if it bleeds more than the previous time. so next your pickin on that goth or that freak or just bcuz there different then think about them think about there fellings. one of these days that kid youve been pickin on for years is gona take his/ hers life and your gona wonder y.