¥ One Night ¥

Never knowing
that it was showing
It was starting to get cold
And the feeling began to get old
No feeling could be great
Everything felt to be fake
Everyone was pretending
The feeling was never ending

Not you or anyone else could stop it
Its like you were bit
What turned you on kept going
What you truely loved was never knowing
You could never change
Why couldnt you get your thought to rearrange

Why was it that night
That it had taken another bit
As the blood ran down
And my wrists were wound
It wasnt the knife
That had taken there life
It was just there lust
They could no longer trust

I guess it was their morals
Had just ran in corals
It really is a tragedy
That i herd it in this melody
There obsessions rised
And you could no longer see into their eyes

Black as death
Everyone had taken their last breath
But the killing
Had just became thrilling
The taste
Was so great

The room was painted red
And some were still layin on the bed
With every stroke of the wrist
Someones good half was missed
Every passion that came
It was as if everything had become a game

No one was themselves
Or maybe they were
Deep inside
Its what they wanted
There desires
It made it happen
The thoughts
The feelings
The guilt, pain, love, drowning of themselves
Everything had to end

It was like a glass
That was about to overflow
No one could take themselves anymore
there past haunted
There future feard

It took that night
For everyone to disappear…

By SkinnDeep

Bitter pills