You and I

Giving into darkness once again, dragging me into a world so familiar.
Sick of the tears, sick of the fear, sick of not seeing clear, yet loving you so dear.
So mysterious you are, not letting anyone in, blocking out the light, you remind me of myself.
Love is when 2 bodies share one soul. Is it you? I believe so.
Do you love me too?
Longing just to feel you here, touch you, and know you’re real.
Hear you breathe, feel every heart beat.
I long to hold you close to me, in fear of losing you again.
Thinking of you every moment, cannot sleep, driving me deeper into madness.
Can you hear my cries, my screams, bleeding and suffering, all for love.
I need you so bad, I’m lying in my own blood and tears, stained and scarred, blackened and charred.
Romance my senses and enchant my soul.
Feel the cold breath on your neck, then look at me, a shivering wreck.
Destroyed, passing into a place I call void.
Don’t let me go back, to hang upon the torture rack, mind turning into nothing but black. Skull is proceeding to crack, exposing my complicated, confused, and corroded brain.
Heart imploding, lungs exploding, eyes flushing till theres no more tears to cry..
Constantly wishing to die, always wanting to cry, always telling a lie, without knowing why.
I could not survive this once more, opening and shutting my door, indulging in all the gore, because life is such a whore.
Driving stakes straight into my core. See you wash ashore, but they are so unsure just who you really are.
I live for you, my heart beats only for you, I surrender my love to you, take it now so we can never be alone. Nothing can keep me from loving you … loving you right now is painful beyond the extreme , but if you loved me it would only be sublime serenity.

By Lexx

Lexx .. tormented being on a quest for the one that shares my soul.