You are NOT a special and unique snow-flake.

Here’s a thought. From day one, we (and by “we”,I mean the only sociocultural frame of reference I have..very lower to very upper middle class Americans) are taught two totally separate and disparate things– one,that we are each merely by the sheer fact of having managed to get ourselves born, special and unique individuals, and two,that we have to fit in to society in order to be valid human beings. Think about it. We’re force-fed these two ideas from kindergarten on up. So, a funny thing happens.

Everyone in America actually believes that,just because they got born, they’re “special”.They also believe they have a right to be “special” in our society,without actually doing anything to stand out in any way,shape,or form. Here’s my hypothesis..

You aren’t “special”,or “unique”,or even an individual sentient being…until and unless you do something that MAKES you unique,special,and individual.And by that,I don’t mean pick up on a sub-culture,and allow it’s ideas to take over your life. I mean,actually going out of your way to improve yourself,to create new things and ideas,to become something that has never existed in the Universe before. Unfortunately, this is one Hell of a lot harder than most people think.Most people read one book,or hear one song,or watch one movie,and then half-assedly copy that, and boldly proclaim themselves to be innovative fore-runners of a bold new thing.The really tragic part is,they don’t even bother to do one second’s looking into whatever it is they rip off,and they never see that they’re just one more rip-off artists in a vast sea of crap.God forbid you should ever point out that fact to them. then you’ll catch holy Hell. Because the one thing a rip-off artist who think’s he’s human can’t stand is criticism. At the first test,they’ll balk and run away every time,because deep down inside,they’re shit-scared that they’ll be revealed for the cheap scam they are. The true individual not only WELCOMES conflict..he SEEKS IT OUT. He argues his views,thoughts,and opinions with everyone he can find,including himself. He willingly puts his arts and creations up for the Inquisition to take apart. Why? Because the true individual wants to be tested. He wants to purify his essence in a blast-furnace until all the dross and dirt is burnt away,and only pure silver,gold,and steel are left.

But,ultimately,that’s just my opinion. Any rebuttals?

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By Zayyin

"The artificiality of the present social fabric,of the present so-called civilization,will be torn into shreds; and,as the dying leaves in the forest are driven before the strong winds of autumn,so shall the shreds of the existing social fabric be scattered. The destruction that mankind is drawing down upon itself will come in the form of war,famine,pestilence, fire,flood,cyclones,earthquakes,and cataclysms." --Aleister Crowley, A Prophecy


  1. I happen to thrive on debate and seek out as many different opinions on each subject as I can find. I don’t have to aggree with them to accept them as valid.

    My question to you and everyone else here is, does my search for debate and conflict and the chance to prove myself correct, or not, make me an individual. Or does it make me one of the herd. MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    I try to improve my self every day, In fact, that is why I am here at this site, to learn from those of us that are more open minded than the masses. Does this make me unique? and the awnser is…..who cares!

    now, perhaps the fact that I look up to know one, and follow my heart and consious makes me stand out…..I learnd all that makes me up from my mother and enviroment….uhoh.

    It seems that if I follow your opinion….no one is individual…..damn good thing that I don’t….

    It might wound my pride….(whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa…mooooooommmy)

    thanks for letting me mess with you….It was fun.

  2. I feel I’m kinda special, since the first true competition I was in I won (it was called ‘reach that egg!’) But, alas, no I’m not unique. I think my DNA isn’t different enough to warrant such a credit as being unique. And, if I was unique, I would also be alien to society. I don’t want that, I’d stick out like a sore thumb (or yellow snow..hehe) and that would mess with my inner self, which first and foremost protects me and shields me from scrutiny.

    You raise some interesting points. But I must protest and say..I’m not AMERICAN, I’m SPECIAL, I’m SENTIENT (I think..therefore I am..) and once in woodshop class I made this cool birdfeeder..

    You’re all special, cause you stop by this site. 🙂


  3. An interesting fact I learnt on school camp:
    In every group/herd of sheep there is a leader which all will instinctivly follow. This is usually a ram.
    Now, sheep are not very smart and do as leader does, however this can become an advantage to them in the long run. If the lead ram is spooked by something, he will usually run headlong into the fence after running around in circles for a while. The rest in following manage to weaken the fence and thus it falls down, leading to their ultimate escape.
    What I’m pointing out here is that we are NOT all sheep as religion and world leaders try to make us believe. It is a matter of breaking free of the mouldings and setting your own rules.
    If your own rules have to follow under general law, so be it. Wait, be patient, there will always be an opportunity to work around it once the right time arises and you get enough like minded people to swing the majority.

    So going under the disguise of a sheep can be helpful. That is, until the time is right and complacency sets in amongst leaders.
    Being an individual has always been hard, always will. But there comes a time that you will see that the squeaky wheel gets the oil… or gets replaced. This is the risk we all take in expressing ourselves differently to the rest of the “herd”.

  4. I believe everyone is a ‘special and unique snowflake’, but so what?
    The point in that isn’t and shouldn’t be a puffing of ego, but a recognition of the diversity and majesty that is our universe.

    We are truly the only example (that we can collectively agree upon) that we’ve dicovered of our universe becoming rationally aware of its own existence. That may not sound like a big deal, but it is. We have awesome gifts, both collectively and individually, and these gifts carry with them awesome responsibility and even anguish (in the Existential meaning).

    It is important to keep in mind that, though you are a unique and special snowflake, this ain’t a fluffy-bunny universe. Like a true snowflake, your particular brand of uniqueness is a fleeting instant of water as art. We all shed the shape we know of as ‘This Mortal Coil’ to be absorbed by the whole of the universe again, perhaps to emerge as a different snowflake in another storm.

    You should revel in the uniqueness you represent, and revel in the fact that you are nothing more than a piece of an incomprehensible whole.

    Carpe Noctem,

    Naughty Naatok

  5. ..who has either forgotten or lost or somehow erased his user log-in..

    Sounds to me like you and I are in perfect agreement, N. I never said that no one could possibly be individual. I just said that it took effort and desire and will to be an actual individual,instead of just a piece of a whole person.

    I honestly can’t find disagreement or dissent in anything you’ve said.

    As far as “letting you mess with me” goes..well..unh..okay..If you really *need* my permission,which I highly doubt..feel free. You’re okay by me.

  6. Well said. Seize the night! But Going back to the original thoughts spoken at the end of the first article.
    “He argues his views, thoughts, and opinions with everyone he can find, including himself. He willingly puts his arts and creations up for the Inquisition to take apart. Why? Because the true individual wants to be tested. He wants to purify his essence in a blast-furnace until all the dross and dirt is burnt away, and only pure silver, gold, and steel are left.”

    That was a direct quote of what was posted. You say that is a good thing, and it is. But one question, if I may. What is the difference between you doing it and a Christian? The ones that do just that are crucified by many of our people (pun not intended) because they argue their views, thoughts, and opinions with everyone they can find, including themselves. They willingly puts their arts and creations up for the Inquisition to take apart.

    And take apart we do. We try to tear them down and show them that they believe in a lie. But it is it a lie? A person once told me that to claim atheism is to claim contradiction.
    The Atheist says there is no God for certain. Yet to be certain he would have to know everything there is to know in the universe, therefore being God himself.
    I am not saying we are gods. We can create nothing new that has not been created before.

    I am only saying the same thing that we bitch and gripe about Christians doing to us is the same thing we do to others. As for being unique? The stars in the night sky look the same from where we are but are only alike in makeup.

    We are all unique and to expound on what the Grandpoobah said, We are all unique but few of us are special. I agree to a point. It is up to us to become special, that is what makes life worth living or dying. Think about what I have said my friends.

    Carpe Noctem my friends. Carpe Noctem.

    Lord Empathos

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