You Can’t See Through Me

You can’t see through me.
My blood runs thick and dark.
You think I’m always happy.
But you don’t see the blackened tears.

You pretend eveything’s fine.
You don’t want to have to face me.
But the troubles are mine.
I won’t make you see.

I won’t open you eyes to the bitter world.
I won’t show you sinister death.
I won’t tell you what it’s like to
be torn apart inside.
You don’t need to know the pain.
I couldn’t bear to make you feel
all the hurt and sorrow.

You wouldn’t know how to comfort me.
That’s what your afraid of.

You can’t wipe away my blackened tears,
Or mend my broken heart.
No, you can’t see through me.

By +Lost-N-Confuzed+

I'm not x-actly sure who I am.. But I hope to figure that out soon.