“You Hate Me..I love you….”

I hear of all the hatred things you said
I wonder how dare I still miss you when you are absoulutely against my existence
As the helpless nothing I am..
I ponder the thought of you
I think of how nothing ever seems to change
I only live to see your presence, Though words we never speak
All I don’t understand is somehow lost in you…There are nothing but hopes and dreams of somehow finding these things
Your the number one priority in my life, yet you have no emotion for me other than the raging hate in your eyes
I try to forget of you, of all that we had, But somehow your hate of my being has no effect on my steadily emotions
Just to hear your soul speak a word of hate would somehow bring joy to my ears
For even a word of hate would be a word from you, Therefore it would be cherished in my sould and locked away
My feelings are uncontrollable, even though all I get is a rage of anger and tears….
The fire and hate in your eyes does not a thing except make me want you more
For any way you present yourself, your presence will always be worth everything I have, or ever had…
I would give it all up for just another chance at you….

By un_luved_angel

well...there isn't much to say about me..I'm just another boring person here...