you murdered my alex

all you could do was stare
so fucking stoned
why didn’t you help him?
we should all be dead
but not him

you stupid piece of shit
you betrayed me
and played me
had me wrapped around your finger
now he’s DEAD

alex is dead
you fucking dope fiend
just steal his fucking dope
and swipe his goddamned wallet

you better hide
where i have no hope of finding you
for when i do
you’re going to wish that instead of him
it was you.

By KillTheRich

Thanks a lot, Brody, you bitch. Alex- I'm trying to quit the dope... Some say I own a nice guitar, but actually, it's the guitar the owns me. I consider myself a good poet, so e-mail me if you like my work. I love to hear what other people think. But don't e-mail me if you only want to talk about the goddamn Distillers. They have done less than nothing for me, so don't bring it up. "Life, I did not want to leave you in vain, but with the options I have been left, it seems to be the only way..."-Alex