You think you know me?

Sweet and kind
loving and thoughtful,
smiling and laughing
eyes always sparkle,
happy and joyfull
even a little playful

You think you know me?
The outward appearance and be so decieving,
take a closer look…

behind the smile that seems to never end,
those lips long to kiss and lick your most intimate places…

sexy and flirty
warm and sensual,
flirting and giggling
I’m even a little teasing,
touching and carressing
I’m very sexual

You think you know me now?
you haven’t looked deep enough…

Behind the eyes that seem to undress you,
there’s something…deeper…something…more…

dark and mysterious
tormented and angry,
rage and frustration
eyes no longer sparkle,
timid and shy
fragile and sensitive,

Now…you think you know me?

By diva5

I'm 23 yrs old, grew up in CA. now living in UT. going to school at the uofu, studying vocal performance. I sing opera, and anything else. Just made a CD last christmas.