Young suicide.

He didnt love me.
I shrugged.
She didnt want me.
I shrugged.
I ignored both my parents, as I played with the clogs of dirt on my shoes.
I’ve been grounded since I was 4.
I’m 8 now.
The only times I’ve seen sunshine was when I was a baby.
I can barely remember it.
I’m sick, sunlight burns my skin.
I’ll never be able to enjoy the heat. Never.
Dad throws things at me, he laughs at me.
Mom doesnt notice me.. she shouldve just used protection.
I don’t go to school, mom said “it doesnt deserve the right to be educated.. a waste of time.. ”
Maybe shes right, I don’t know.
I’m smart for my age.. until I decided I’ve had enough.
I have no friends.
I don’t ever remember leaving my room.
I’m glued to the floor, I think.
I found daddy’s pocket knife on the ground in his room.
Hey, mommy.. look at me! Pay some attention..?
Theres a beautiful river of crimson red..
But its staining your floor..
“Stop bleeding, dammit. I just got new carpet.”
My wrist we’re hurting, but I tried to clean the mess.
I scrubbed n scrubbed.. until I could barely stay awake.
Crawling over to a window, I opened the curtain..
Staring out into the sun..
Then I realized.. sunlight doesnt burn anymore..
They lied to me.
My thoughts ended, as I crumbled on the floor.
Suicide at the age of 9.

– Cai†lin.

By † Black Flames †

Caitlin 14 Vollyball player