Your Ghost


I come from nowhere
Just like from thin air
I had a life once, bountiful and colorful
Now I’m like ice, mournful and disgraceful.

I breath down your neck at night
Down your blanket, out of sight.
You shiver, feeling a presence
I whisper, “I’ve brought you a present”.

Your eyes open in the horror of night
for it is me, back from my final fight.
You see me fade into the room
Yes it is me, after I felt the ‘boom’.
“oh my beloved groom”
you cried while your carona gloomed.

My angel, I’ve gone to the world of the dead
But curse me, I want to stay in the wormth of your bed.
but Hell’s bells are ringing
and It is the sign of my leaving.
But by my love I’m driven
I Will stay with you, in the land of the living.

Jeff Vinestein

By BlackWinter (Jeff Vinestein)

Jeff Vinestein, thats all there is to it