Your own meaning

This poem, like all poems, may mean whatever you want it to mean, I made it thinkin about fear and i think the point is very clear but maybe you can share another interpretation about itI am going to make a poetry site possibly here in darksites and i’ll post all my poems including this one.I may post some others here soon.This one and all my poems may become songs in the future, that’s why i try to keep a rythmI guess this should be on writting, but for me this poem is liek horror, because i was horrified when i wrote it so that’s why i picked horrorNow I just want one thing, I need some 100% honest opinions about it, please if you have time, read it and express your opinion about it”Look around the corner Look around again Imagine, now it’s colder Imagine what’s away You now have to wonder You now have to fear Imagine what is older Imagine, fear or tear Be quiet, try to listen Be quiet, try to hear Now you have to wonder The meaning of fear Try to think quite slowly Try to think quite clear Relax, don’t be lonely Relax, avoid tears Shut up, hear the voices Shut up, hear your mind Calm down, feel your body Calm down, feel the wind Breathe calmly and look under Look under your tears Relax, try to wonder Relax, avoid fear Look around the corner Look around again Calm down, (it)’s getting warmer Calm down, now you’re sane No, don’t think is gone now No, it is quite near Don’t forget to wonder Don’t forget the fear Don’t forget the darkness Don’t forget what’s here Don’t forget that madness Don’t forget the fear Don’t forget that corner Don’t forget what’s near Don’t forget to wonder The meaning of fear”