your pain passed to me

so many times i wanna die
so many nights i cry cry cry
so much pain i saw in your eyes
now ur gone
i diddent have a clue what u do
you took the razor, knife
anything in sight
to your wrists
then your throat
oh it makes me wanna choke
your gone forever
ill get over you never
so ill come to you
and we’ll be happyer than ever
in the land of forever

By darkpixie835

i hav been deppresed latley[ i started to cut myself ] but im in counsling now. . . it doesent work!!! im lookin forward to puttin stories on this site & i hope some of u ppl read them deppresed little suicdal gothic loser sitting all alone in the dark i hate this i hate evreything i just wish someone would kill me. . . .