your puppet

I Am You puppet. I’m Your Weapon. I’m Your killer. I’m Your murderer. I do what you say, No matter what I Do, I can’t Control myself.

I was Your puppet. I was Your perfect weapon. I was Your angel. I Was you killer. I used to do what You told me to do. You Used to control me. Not any more.

I have Finaly Broken Free from your spell. You converd my eyes. you made me Believe You were right. You made me see you perfect. You made me kill, For your own fun. You Called me Your Fallen angel. But You beat me To much for it to be true.

I was Your puppet. I was your weapon. But, you made a mistake, you made me to fast, To strong, To smart, And to hatefull and Angery. You made me To much better than you.

I was your puppet. I was Your Perfect wepaon, I was your angel,I was aT your Every Comand. that was until I saw you. For who You rEally Are. Until I saw How much more You needed me, than I needed you, You caged me and chained me. Because I Spoke out of line. Because I killed the wrong person. Because I misherd you.

Now I’m Gone, And I’ve made Sure You where Six Feet under, Where You belong. I killed you my self. My master. My love. You used me, abused me, And Contorled me. I Buried you, As I Try to Bury my memoeries Of you. I’m standing over you Grave. Yelling at the Sky. Hateing thw world And Every one else. Hateing you. For Giving me life. Loving you, For Being there, even though, You made me Misreble. You Destroyed me.

I Was almost to late. Because i Was looking wher you point. But When I saw you eyes. I knew What i must do. Now your gone. thank Goodness. I killed you, with out a Secound thought. I’m doing so much better, and worse With out you. As I walk through these streets, that we Once ruled. I remeber you, Even Though I dont’ want to, I see My victoms, And THere familys, The run in Fear of me. Look What you have Created, A monster, the perfect WEpaon, A fallen Angel. You Created me, and You died by me. How is it like? to Die, not by the hands of your enemys, But, to the one you have created? I remeber Your dead Glare, But, in my Dark, Broken And shatterd Heart, I was Your puppet. in my heart, I will Alkways be A fool for you, I will always Be your puppet. Your wepaon, Your killer, Your Fallen Angel….