Your Words

Your words fill me with such rage, it makes me want to scream. All the things you say to me are meaningless. I wish you would just shut up. never say another word. my ears can’t take any more.

you say that I can talk to you about anything that you’ll do your best to help me. That’s a bunch of bull shit. you don’t want to listen. you don’t to help me. you like seeing me in such misery. when I’m at my lowest your in your glory hoping that you somehow contributed to my unfortunate state of being.

I told you everything that was on my mind just like you said I could. I told you the deepest secrets of my heart and all you could do was laugh and tease me about them. I told you my strongest feelings and all you could do was challenge me on them. the inner workings of my soul were in your hands and you sqeezed them into dust. my heart fell to the floor like a glass vase; shattering into a million pieces that can never be put back together the same way again.

and so I lie here amongst the pieces of my heart, trying to piece myself back to gether again. but I know that in the end I will never be the same. I can never trust again. that is what you have taught me. that no person can be trusted with the heart.

and so I will guard it. no one will ever know my feelings on anything ever again. I will live within the deepest recesses of my mind and will never come out for anyone to every hurt me again.

maybe one day I will be able to hurt you in the same way you have hurt me. I will cause you such pain as that you have never known. you will regret what you have done to me. I will not be so easily pushed aside. your words will ring in your own perfect ears and you will regret them.

if only you had not told me your words.