How could you nkow how i feel?
especially when i dont even know….
i try to surpress the emotion
but somehow it always finds its way out…

Did you know that youre always on my mind?
i sit and think about you all the time….
and when im doing something i alwayz feel
like im doing it for you….
do you ever think about me?
i love it when im around you.
thats why i hesitate so much when you ask me to come see you
becaise im afraid of how much i like being with you
Afraid of loosing you
long before i even had you….
do you see it?
when you look into my eyes?
Do you know?
its not hard to see…
sometimes i feel like i can see your soul…
Do you see mine too?
because i feel it surface
whenever im around you….begging you to see it…
to love it….
just a glance and you will see
how pure my love is for you….
How could you know if i never told you?
somehow i still feel like you do.
i wish i could find a place inside of you
and stay there forever….
i suppose whats meant to be will be….
but i wish you knew how i feel….
i never told you…not with words….
but through ways of a more subtle manner…
Love,infatuation…call it what you will
but a feeling like this-it has no name.