Youth and Lust: Chapter 1

‘Oh I stare at you, such a glorious being of power and magnificence. Of course, I can never have you, great scholar of my heart. We sit together in class, me and you, next to one another, and I can only dream of what pandora box I would open, full of lust and desire, and sin and sweat, and blood. I crave you Sam, and I will have you.’

The note ended very simply with that. Sam looked over at the empty desk werre he had found the note, and noticed on the chair, written in large, black pen marks ‘Go to the storage room.’ Of course Sam wasn’t going to give up this oppurunity, so raising the hand without the note, the teacher calling the young student up.
“Do you know the answer Sam?”
“No maam, but I think I might be sick. May I leave for the nurses office, please?”
The teacher, also a nun, released the child to the nurses office. Of course, the simple minded catholic child had no intention of going to the nurses office. All the classes at The South Town Catholic School for Boys and Girls had no grades, atleast, no same class progressing grades. You could be 10, or 17, and be in the same class. The girl that sat next to Sam was 17, Sam, only was 12. The young students body was just begining to understand sex, and he looked at the note, in his hand, again. ‘…crave you…’ What in the world could that mean? Isn’t that Sin?

Sam made way to the storage room, and old art room long abandoned to boxs and crates. A small cabinet was open, newly because of the zero dust in that area. Sam walked over, and noticed a long stairway down to a deep, dark room. A hidden doorway through a cabinent…orignal, oh of course! Sam walked down the steps and looked at some paintings by the old artist. Very hellish, some depicting of hell, others of orgies, murder, and war. It seems the painter had other aspects besides preaching through art. The room was damp, but Sam noticed a leg in the far corner. It dissappeared and it moved over to the door, shutting it. A voice rang through the room.
“Sam…You got my note I see.”
“Yeah, Vanessa, I wanted to talk to you abo-”
“Shut up…”
Vanessa, much taller then Sam, walked over and felt the only now blooming in puberty youngster. Putting her hand to Sam’s crotch, she felt.
“Ahh…I see…”
“Vanessa, please, don’t do that!”
“Sam, I won’t take no for an answer! I want you…your lips, your hair…you flesh…every bit of you is calling to me.”
“But thats Sin!”
“Look at the world kid! Sin is everywhere. Please Sam. Go ahead, just feel it and tell me what you think…”
She undid her blouse, showing the black bra underneath. Her catholic apparel was suiting for the atmosphere, strangely it was by accident. A small bit of light was in the room, just enough for Sam to make out the girls breast. Firm, yet still free…big, yet not huge. Sam reached the free hand out, and felt it. It was amazing! Sam could feel something inside. Not in Vanessa’s breast, but in Sam’s own body. It was a rush, telling the preteen to indulge in this lust.
“Yes…you see…it’s not so bad.” the blonde Vanessa said, smiling,and coming over, feeling all overs Sam’s body. She grabbed parts, some strange to any sexual value, but to this girl who had been adoring Sam for monthes now, she was in heaven. Vanessa brought Sam to a bed, stained by old paints. The artists bed for when he worked late on his forbidden works. She layed Sam down, undoing her own skirt and blouse, and kneeling next to the bed.
“Are you going to hurt me?” Sam asked, innocently.
“No Sam…I’m going to take off your clothes, and we are going to make love.”
“You don’t have a choice…young lady.”
Sam, the young catholic girl, was about to make love to another woman, and enjoy it.

By FearHate

I am Man, I am Beast, I do not hate, but I do not love. What am I?