Zombie Godzilla?

The King of the Monster gets a new look, to greater or lesser degrees, for every one of his movies.

After Legendary had such massive success with their own version of the Big G in the 2014 movie, no one was surprised when Japan’s Toho studios, the company that owns the character and has produced dozens of Godzilla movies since his debut back in the 50’s, subsequently announced plans to bring the King back for another go-round. Prior to that, Godzilla was on hiatus in Japan, the studio taking a break from making kaiju films in order to stoke the demand for their biggest star. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they figured. Then the Legendary picture showed them that fans had a whole lotta fondness for the monster already, and Toho wanted their own bigger slice of the cash pie. This is good news for Godzilla fans, who’ll take more Godzilla anytime, all the time.

Supposedly this upcoming feature, GODZILLA: RESURGENCE (in English) will go back to the original film, when Godzilla was killed by the Oxygen Destroyer. Apparently he’s been regenerating in the decades since, and when we first see him in the movie he’s still looking kinda rough, all raw and bloody and zombie-like. By the end of the movie he’ll be back to his scaly self. Check out these pics, leaked to the Internet, showing big G in his not-fully-regenerated form. Supposedly. Some sources say it’s all a rumor, and those pictures aren’t genuine. But really, does it matter? We’re getting another Godzilla flick!

source: bloody-disgusting.com

By TheCheezman

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